Femdom Art

by Bernard Montorgueil (c. 1920)

Dominatrix whipping her bound slave on a bed of nails
Male slave beaten by the maid while his mistress watches
Nude man quailing from portrait of his Amazon mistress and her dog slaves Naked man servicing his lounging mistress while she squeezes his balls Maid holds slave's legs up while Mistress plucks his unsightly ass hairs with a tweezer...ouch!
Amazon subdues her slave while her dominant friend has a taste Strong woman throws aside her riding crop and takes the naked slave for a joyride Submissive man ridden to exhaustion
Bondage slave stuck on an anal post is tortured with darts by dominant women Slaveboy is anally abused while his cock is whipped to orgasm Profoundly erect leashed man waits for his whipping
Horsey slave on bondage stilts is out of his stable Whipped slaveboy is tortured by the leash on his balls Submissive is tied upside down on the wheel and cums with a forcible handjob
Caged slave waits, fully erect, for his dominant lady Male bondage slave is brutally whipped and ridden hard on the sex bench Maid secures the tied up slaveboy while Mistress gives him a handjob
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Gallery courtesy of The Forkbeard's Fetish Pit
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