One of Ivar's trained slave girls
			 waiting for her evening protein snack

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Here you will find the Forkbeard's favorite pictures and drawings of slave girls, sex slaves, and bondage cuties tied up for sex or general amusement.

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Cute blonde slave girl waiting for some attention Cute blonde sex slave is still waiting
The Forkbeard's second favorite girl The Forkbeard's second favorite girl keeps waiting

These very excellent scans of bondage slavegirls tied and eager for fucking are, alas, from the lost era of the quality glossy bondage magazine. However, there is one modern website that fully understands the joys of a slave girl tied for sex. Check out Hogtied -- you won't regret it! Don't worry, is surfer friendly and pop-up free.

2007 Update: Time marches on, and bondage sex is starting to flourish on the internet.

Two newer sites that do a great job with this material are Sex and Submission and Fucked And Bound.

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Slave Kelana in bondage and ravished helplessly by a fucking machine

Slavegirl Kelana's Fucking Machine Ordeal

This is a free movie of Kelana tied up and helplessly fucked to orgasm by a mechanical fucking machine.
Naked PETA activists painted like tiger girls and locked in cages in public

Naked PETA activist tiger girls in cages

This hilarious gallery has real news photographs of nude women from PETA painted like tigers and sitting in public in wire cages. Grrrrowlll!
blindfolded bondage blowjob

Blindfolded Bondage Sex

Adult comics panels from France featuring a bondage slave hung upside down and forced to give blowjobs. Yum!

Water Bondage - Dunking & Squirting!
The soggiest slave girls on the net!

cartoon heroine tied and given a forced enema

Forced Bondage Enema

An evil doctor ties up a hapless fumetti girl, forces an enema nozzle up her butt, then laughs while she fills painfully with enema suds.
vintage chained woman photos

Chained Woman

This is a small gallery of vintage bondage photos featuring steel chains. Very painful looking!

Painful Electric Play - Shocking Pussy Bondage!
Electric shocks to pussies in bondage

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